5 easy ways to update your outdoor entry for fall

Autumn is a time to settle back into familiar and comforting routines and to enjoy the anticipation of the months ahead.  What better time to update your outdoor entry than during the fall months when the air is cooler and the days are just a bit shorter.  Here are a few quick ideas that can be accomplished during these shorter days.

  1. One of the easiest ways to update your outdoor entry is with new door hardware.  Take a look at your existing hardware.  Is it pitted, tarnished or simply out of date?  If so, add some hardware with a bit of personality or in a new finish that can update the entire look. 

 2.  Paint is always an easy fix.  Go for something eye-catching like a bright red door or something a bit more sophisticated such as glossy black  or cool gray.   This color can be used on both the front door and any surrounding molding or window trim for a unified look.

 3.  Something as simple as a new doormat can work wonders.  Choose a beautifully monogrammed mat to welcome guests or something purely functional such as a coir mat that will catch the dirt and debris before it enters your home.

 4.  Add some life to your entry with the introduction of flowering and/or evergreen plants.  These plants can be switched out with the seasons by replacing last summer's daisies with colorful mums, for example.

 5.  It is amazing what a simple broom can do to turn an ordinary outdoor entry into an inviting greeting for your guests.  Sweep away all the dust and dirt and don't forget those pesky cobwebs that form under the light fixture or around the door and window frames.  Don't overlook the door itself.  It could probably use a good dusting every now and then as well.

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