What's new at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

New product inspiration comes from the darndest places!  We began working on this exquisite orchid pull for a project in Hawaii.  However, that project has taken a turn and we are now designing hardware with a more tribal folk Hawaiian design for them.  But we loved the look of this new orchid pull so much that we have decided to add it to our line.  May we introduce you to our new Orchid Pull (or at least the drawings for this pull)

As always, I think the drawings are as beautiful as the actual hardware! 

Martin has jsut begun carving the mold for this piece.  He has been experimenting with a high density foam similar to the foam used in set decoration as an alternative to wood or wax.  It has the advantage of being quick to carve and, unlike wood, has no grain.  This results in a very smooth pattern.  That being said, like many things it is not perfect as it does not always work well with pieces that have deeper detail; for these pieces we use a dense wood or blue jeweler's wax.  We will continue to experiment and keep you updated on how we like this product. 

For more information on this latest addition to our bespoke hardware collection or to view  our complete line of custom hardware and get the latest news on what is happening at Martin Pierce, please visit us at www.martinpierce.com