Martin Pierce Hardware: How's Iris?

We have had several inquiries as to how our beloved pitbull Iris is doing and, in particular, how she fared while we vacationed in England.  She spends pretty much every day and night with us so we were concerned about how she would cope with such a long absence.  We are very happy to say that Iris came through the separation unscathed,  due mostly to our dear friends Cynthia and Ken who, along with their dog Ike, stayed in our home and made Iris feel safe and secure.  It's as if she knew on some level that we would be returning.  This may stem, in part, to her remaining at home in her own territory and not in a kennel and having dog-loving friends and her best buddy Ike around certainly helped; at least that is my take on what happened but who really knows what goes on in a dog's mind?

As many of you know, Iris has been a member of our family for over a year.  She came to us through the wonderful efforts of The Rescue Train and it has been amazing and inspiring to see her progress and watch the many facets of her personality develop.  Over the past 14 months she has come to trust people and is much more affectionate with others.  For example, friends from Paso Robles recently visited and the first greeting they received was Iris' stubby tail and rear end wiggling with clear delight!  On a side note, if you are thinking of adding a new member to your family, please visit The Rescue Train's website.  You won't be sorry!

Iris also has a very playful side.  Like many dogs she has a love of squeaky toys and has eviscerated at least 7 crowing cockerels and 2 gurgling lobsters.  In true dog style she also likes to play tug of war with them but is not aware of her own body strength so this game is really a losing battle for me since she is  much too strong  for me ever to win.


She is also keen on being chased and this can be hilarious as she often has difficulty getting enough traction on our hardwood floors all of which will at some point now need to refinished.  But that is a small price to pay for the love her sweet personality brings to our home.

Do you have any favorite dog stories...Iris would love to hear them so please share!

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