Hospitality design trends for 2013

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend that included time spent with family and friends as well as some bargain hunting if you were so inclined.  Now it's back to work....

The hospitality design industry is on a never ending quest to determine what their discriminating clients and guest are seeking and then figure out how to deliver it to them.  This process can be tricky as the goal is to provide all the amenities necessary for guests and create a memorable experience, all the while maintaining individual brand identity.

Guests of boutique or upscale hotels are always looking for a unique experience that provides all the comforts of home while they are far from home, either on business or visiting for pleasure.  There are several ways hospitality designers can create an environment that insures and enhances this experience and still meet the needs of the corporate parent as well.

  • Spa like bathrooms offer a respite from the harsh realities of daily life and business and "spoil" the guests with items such as large soaking tubs, exquisite linens and luxurious bath products at their fingertips.
  • Inviting and comfortable lobbies that not only create a positive first impression but also provide a gathering spot for guests during their stay.
  • Consumers continue to be interested in seeing that businesses they support maintain an energy efficient and even an eco-friendly environment.
  • The use of local craftsman and artists' work in the design of a hotel will enhance the experience of guests.  Large  photos of the surrounding areas or sculptures and artifacts that celebrate local cultures are just one of the many ways hotels are able to introduce their clients to the area.
  • Small details like custom door and window hardware, hand-made furniture, high quality linens and personalized items that meet a guest's individual needs will set your hotel apart from your competitor.
  • Many hotels are looking to attract local "staycationers" who do not want to roam far from home but are looking for a pleasant getaway.  Design that, again, celebrates the local countryside and/or culture will provide a romantic anniversary getaway or make a family reunion more memorable.

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