Chinese New Year: 2013 The Year of the Snake

snake year of graphic from shutterfly With the arrival of the new moon in February (roughly February 10th), the year of the Snake begins.  The snake is the sixth figure in the Chinese Zodiac  Calendar.

While not as vibrant and significant as the Dragon, the snake is believed to be materialistic.  Depending on how you interpret this, it can mean it is time to shop, shop, shop; good news for retailers and designers!  However, others are saying the snake signals a time for rebuilding and conservation with many economic, climate and political changes ahead.  Wow!

All that being said, the figure of a snake can elicit different reactions from people as most reptiles and insects do.  While we do not have a snake design here at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware we do offer a wide selection of bespoke hardware pieces in both the reptile and insect category for those looking to introduce these very interesting species to their home or business decor.  Here are just a few of the items we offer.  Do you see anything that would interest your hospitality or residential clients?  If not, please contact us and we can come up with a custom design that is just right.

Gecko pull

Bee door knob

Lizard lever