HD Expo 2013 and update on custom hardware naming contest

As we have mentioned, we are preparing for our third annual trip to the Hospitality Design Expo (HD Expo) in hot and sunny Las Vegas.  We will be exhibiting our custom hardware  products and are excited to be debuting several new pieces that we believe will meet the needs of many of you in the hospitality and design field. This exposition is always a fun event as well as an opportunity to reconnect with old friends in the industry and hopefully meet new faces along the way.  One of the pieces that will be making its debut is our new Ergo Extended Door handle seen below.

Ergo extended door handle--custom hardware  looking for a new name

The curvy and sensuous shape is not only beautiful but functional as well.  The smooth curves make it easy to grasp, a major plus for those interested in meeting the needs of an older or physically challenged clientele.  We are hoping to rename this piece with a more descriptive moniker provided by visitors to our blog and/or facebook fans.  If you have a good recommendation for a  new name to replace "extended door handle" we would love to hear it.  Just remember, "Ergo" needs to be in the new name.  You could be the winner of two of our beautiful mushroom drawer pulls to use in your home or business.

And if you are attending the HD Expo, please be sure to stop by our booth.  There will be plenty of eye-candy and maybe a surprise or two.  As always, you can view our entire collection or contact us for bespoke orders at www.martinpierce.com.