Spring has sprung a bit early at Martin Pierce Hardware

Twin baby lambs photo courtesy of Tablas Creek Vineyard While much of the country is blanketed with the white stuff or receiving a great deal of rain, southern California is in the middle of an early spring.  It is expected to reach 80 degrees today!  But no need to hop a plane just yet....this time next week we will be back down to around 60 degrees.  While it may seem extraordinary, this really is a "normal" spring for us, plenty of sunshine one day and rain clouds the next.

However, our inventory is always full of springtime.  Plenty of flowers, birds and bees to add a spot of sunshine to your doorways, furniture pieces or cabinetry.  Why not take a moment and look at our Flora, Netzuke and Animal collections and see if there isn't some way you can add a touch of springtime to your home or delight your clients with a touch of springtime all year long.

martin pierce wasp open wings

Daisy drawer pull

bunny knob

You can view our entire collection or contact us for bespoke orders at www.martinpierce.com.