We have a winner in the name that hardware contest!

Ergo extended door handle--new name Ergo Epic Door Handle We have a winner!   After poring over all of the entries we have finally made a decision.  It was not an easy task as we received many descriptive and sometimes humorous ideas.  But, without further delay, the envelope please---

The Winner of the "name that hardware" contest is:

Amy Atwood.  Amy is the manager of one of our favorite showrooms at LaForce Decorative Hardware in Madison Wisconsin.

Amy's suggestion for our Ergo Extended Door Handle was to rename it the Ergo Epic Door Handle.  She offered such a lovely and poetic explanation for her choice:

   " Epic means "long poem about legendary heroes"  It certainly is long,and it's visually poetic with its very organic shape.

.       Epic is a synonym to "heroic" .       Epic sounds similar to heroic with the "ic" sound at the end .       Epic sounds good with Ergo..."Ergo Epic" .       The word "Epic" seems grander than heroic, so therefore it suited perfectly for the new longer pull.

For all of these reasons we agreed that "Ergo Epic" sounds so much more appealing than "Ergo Extended Door Handle".  We will be debuting this product at the HD Expo 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada in May so we hope to see many of you there.  And, once again, thanks to all of you for your interesting and creative suggestions and Congratulations Amy!  Your mushroom drawer pulls are on their way.

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