Custom or off the rack?

While we all enjoy a good bargain is it always the best idea?  Are you really getting more bang for your buck when you purchase an item that looks a lot like a more expensive item but is much cheaper? While we understand that custom hardware is expensive, there are many reasons to consider a custom item:

  • A well-made item will, in most cases, operate much better than its less expensive cousin.  Is it worth saving some money only to have to tuggle with a door knob or locking mechanism time after time?
  • Function is of utmost importance but appearance ranks a close second.  Interesting or unique hardware says something about you--it says you understand the value of small details in your home.  Designers understand this and often choose custom architectural hardware for their projects.
  • Many people enjoy owning something that is unique to their home whether it be a piece of artwork, bespoke furniture item or custom hardware designed with their personality, hobbies, interests in mind.
  • Add personality to your space or create an unforgettable first impression with custom entry door hardware.  A beautiful set crafted of oil rubbed bronze is nice but how much more impressive would an item from our custom Willow collection be?

You decide----

This standard polished chrome interior door knob off the rack:

martin pierce baldwin chrome door knob 127 dollars

Or our high polished, hand cast, stainless steel knob from our Textured collection?

Conical pull from the textured collection

What set says more about you and your personality?  This lovely and certainly sufficient oil rubbed entry set?

martin pierce baldwin entry door hardware

Or this amazingly detailed entryway set from our Grapevine collection?

Grapevine series front door thumblatch entry door lever from Martin Pierce Hardware

This off the rack cabinet hardware that certainly has an interesting texture and design

martin pierce bronze knob from lowes

Or one of our hand-made daisy, bee or gecko pulls?

Daisy drawer pull

To view all of these items and our entire collection of custom hardware, please visit us at