Childhood fantasies come alive on this custom wooden toy chest-Part I

As you may already know, Martin Pierce Hardware designs and produces not only beautiful and functional hardware but also manufactures bespoke furniture pieces that, in my humble opinion, are true works of art.  Take for example this toy chest that we designed for a very special client: Martin Pierce Hardware

Just as it does with our hardware pieces, the design of this toy chest began with a set of very detailed drawings that Martin created.  It was necessary for him to create a scene for each side with different dancing animals as well as other whimsical touches like those incredible mushroom feet and the swallow pull on top.  Delightful!

This first photo shows how Martin uses a simple grid to scale up the animals to full size for proper proportion on the chest panels as well as scaling up the mushroom feet.

drawing by Martin Pierce at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

In this photo you can see the finished product.

custom toy chest from Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin's inspiration was most likely memories of his childhood playing in the Perrywood area of Worcester that, while small, seemed to us as children to be quite a mysterious and magical place.

In our next post we will explain the choice of woods and the carving process.  And if you would like to view our entire custom furniture and hardware collection please visit us at