The secrets of woodworking Part 4: custom furniture, the finished product.

In this series we have discussed the various types of wood we prefer to work with as well as the difference between solid wood and veneer.  Over the years we have created many beautiful items of custom furniture that reside in private residences as well as in upscale hotels and other commercial buildings.  In summary, here is a sampling of those bespoke items that are the finished product: Hedgerow line

Our Hedgerow collection of architectural hardware is one of our most popular and enduring designs.  Inspired by this, we created a line of furniture that includes our Hedgerow armchair seen here in a guest room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Other items in the collection include sofas, tables, beds and barstools, all built to your exacting specifications.

Our custom Hedgerow chair in the guest rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a prime example of how custom furniture and designs can enhance a guest room


Our Ascot line of furniture includes our limited edition Ascot Sideboard that features beautiful detailing accomplished through the use of the ancient japanning technique of inlay.  Complete beds and headboards as well as mirrors and other case goods in this sophisticated design are also available, all featuring inlay, chiseling and other design details.

Limited Edition Ascot Sideboard featuring our dragonfly drawer pull

Unique items like bespoke game tables, unusual coffee tables or exotic beds will add an element of customization to a residence, hotel or office space.

hand-carved wood and rattan Rickshaw bed  by Martin Pierce Custom

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