Who let the dogs out? Dogs in design

Dogs have been a big part of interior design for centuries.  It is not uncommon to visit one of the beautiful castles that dot the landscape of England, Germany and other European countries and find exquisitely detailed oil paintings of man's best friend hanging on the wall alongside other "relatives". A modern take on the use of dogs in portraits from Abode love

Modern wallpaper and fabric manufacturers are also aware of the appeal of dogs in interior design settings.  Nursing homes and hospitals value the positive effect dogs have on their patients and often invite the "real thing" to visit.  Hospitality and contract designers can address this issue by using some of today's beautiful wallpapers hung in public spaces.  Residential designers can satisfy their client's love for their four-legged friends through the use of whimsical fabrics applied to upholstered items, window treatments and accessories.

Sophisticated black and white dog motif wallpaper from Osbourne & Little

For a more formal look, consider Tyler Hall's "Best in Show" wallpaper that mimics a gallery wall of photos of  furry subjects.

Best in Show from Tyler Hall

I wonder if our beloved Iris could sit long enough to have a formal portrait finished?

Martin Pierce has always appreciated the beauty of animals, insects and other living creatures in our custom architectural hardware designs.  To view those designs please visit our site at www.martinpierce.com.