Hospitality designers: Tips on creating an aesthetically pleasing space

Stainless Ergo Front door lock from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware ADA compliant One of the key responsibilities of any designer whether they are working on a residential, commercial or hospitality project, is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that functions well for all who use the space.  To be successful this requires attention be paid to even the smallest of details.  Some important areas of concern might be:

  • Color:  Designers are aware that color plays an important part in the design of a space.  Choose a color that is too energizing and you have an anxious clientele.  On the other hand, choosing a color that is restful and calming and you may have a boss angry because he cannot seem to get his employees motivated!  Determine who will be using the space and select a color palette accordingly.  You can find a nice refresher course on the psychology of color at this site.
  • Hardware:  Hardware requirements include entry door levers, interior door knobs, drawer and cabinet pulls, window hardware along with hinges and deadbolts for specific areas.  Selecting hardware that compliments and/or enhances the client's brand offers a custom look that will be unique to that space.  Attention also needs to be paid to the needs of specific clients that may have physical limitations that require ADA compliant hardware or other special considerations.
  • Lighting:  Hospitality and other design specialists know of the importance of proper lighting.  Improper lighting can make it difficult or unsafe to navigate hallways, restrooms and offices.  These areas are not where you want to create an ambience. Save that for lobbies, restaurants, bars and private spaces where you want to set a mood and encourage specific activities.
  • Artwork and accessories:  These are the items that set a space apart from its competitors.  Examples of this include a hotel with a gallery wall full of original artwork,  office furniture upholstered in bespoke fabric, hardware that celebrates the natural surroundings or a private residence that displays treasures from world travels.

Every experienced and trained designer and/or architect is aware of the importance of creating a space that is certainly safe and functional but also a space that provides a visually pleasing impression as well.