Just for fun......stars who dabble in interior design

Photo courtesy of Pelemele on Etsy When you live and work in Hollywood it quickly becomes apparent that most "stars" are just normal people like you and me.  They have their jobs that keep them in the public eye but they also enjoy personal hobbies and other interests that have nothing to do with the movie and television industry.  In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the Grammy award winning Lenny Kravitz dabbles just a bit in interior design and that may be the understatement of the century!

Lenny is very talented and his designs are well-known in the interior design industry. His firm, Kravitz Design, has completed many hospitality design projects that include hotels, restaurant interiors and furniture design.  His Casino Royale chandelier, designed for Swarovski, is certainly fit for any rock star, real or imaginary!

Talent as a designer seems to run in the rock music world as Vanilla Ice joins Lenny Kravitz in the category of stars who design.  Rapper Vanilla Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle, is a well-known house flipper with his very own DIY show on HGTV's DIY Network titled, The Vanilla Ice Project.  When you see some of his projects you may arrive at the conclusion that, perhaps his biggest talent lies in knowing what real estate to purchase.

Ellen DeGeneres has also joined the ranks of successful real estate flippers.  She has made a very lucrative "hobby" of purchasing estates and homes in the surrounding areas of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles (certainly not your average "flipper" area) and is involved in the remodeling and redecorating process all the way down to selecting the furniture and even the plants that dot the landscape.  When completed she then sells it for a nice little profit, no doubt.  I am certain her relaxed and eclectic style, along with her name, add to the value of the property.

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