Cozy spells fall

Fall leaves on the grounds of Highgrove Even in sunny Los Angeles,  California the fall season is a welcome change.  While the palm trees remain green year round, we do have other tree species that change color and drop their leaves, our air gets a bit crisper (temperatures in the low 60's are considered crisp in southern California) and the morning fog takes a bit longer to burn off.  These changes signal that it is time to cozy up our surroundings.  How do we do that?

C    is for cover up.  Replace the lightweight summer duvet with a fluffy down comforter that is absolutely delicious to slide under on a chilly night.  There are several types of comforters made for specific temperatures, making it possible to choose a lightweight down comforter that is not quite as warm and/or heavy as a traditional comforter meant for colder weather.   Or toss a fluffy throw over the arm of the chair for a quick cover-up when you are enjoying a cup of tea and watching the sunrise on a brisk morning.

O    is for open up.   With the onset of fall there is no longer a need to keep the sometimes damaging rays of the summer sun out of your rooms.  Pull back the drapes, roll up the shades or open the shutters and enjoy the view everyday.

S    is for sheepskin.  (couldn't think of a Z so defaulted to the olde English spelling) Nothing visually warms a room quicker than sheepskin.  This time-tested "trend" suits any design style.  It will visually and physically warm all the cold surfaces often found in contemporary settings and is a natural in a rustic setting.  Toss a few sheepskin pillows on a distressed leather sofa or drape a small rug over an ottoman or the back of a chair. For the ultimate in cozy comfort, consider a room sized sheepskin rug to warm the feet on a cold winter's night.

Y  is for yellow, and gold and rust and brown and green and all the other colors found in the autumn landscape.  Invite the outdoors in by introducing these colors into your interiors through the use of natural materials such as cuttings from a tree or seasonal flowers.

Not just for residential interiors, hospitality and contract designers can use the same decorating techniques for public spaces that would include hotel rooms and lobbies, office spaces, examining rooms etc.  After all, the goal of design is to create a space that not only reflects a company's values and mission but is inviting and comfortable.

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