Chinese New Year 2014---Year of the Horse

photo and cardboard sculpture courtesy of Ann Wood Handmade Another Chinese new year is upon us and 2014 is the year of the horse.  The official new year begins with the arrival of the new moon on January 31, 2014 amid celebrations that include street festivals and art fairs so check your local community to see what is being offered.

In Chinese astrology a horse year is believed to bring good luck and good fortune amid a wild ride of financial fluctuations throughout the world.  Whew!  In reality, that does not seem much different than every other year but I certainly hope the good luck and good fortune hits all of us in the interior design world.

As our products enjoy a worldwide presence we are hoping that the international "financial fluctuations" are all positive.  Here is a list of spots where our custom architectural hardware pieces are currently being enjoyed:

Candy and Candy, located in London, England, chose to have many of our cabinet pulls silver plated for one of their residential clients.  Also in England, the musical group "The Prodigy" selected our Bee passageway sets from our Netzuke collection for their studios.

HOC Architecture and Interiors out of Valencia, Spain chose several of our Willow and Hedgerow sets to decorate various suites in a spanish villa.

A residential client in Switzerland enjoys our sycamore leaf pulls in her home while artist Bruna Arpea from Milan, Italy chose various insect and animal pulls for her bathroom.  We are able to enjoy her artwork as well as we have many of her pieces proudly on display in the dining room of our home.

The W hotel in Singapore, through The Rockwell Group, chose our pieces to use in the entry and other public areas of the hotel.  And we are currently working with Anna Marie Chen of Deco Locks in Panama to set up a showroom and introduce our work to Central America.

Other projects scattered in various spots around the world are in the works and when we are able, we will be excited to share that information with you.

If you would like to view any of the products mentioned above or see our entire collection of bespoke hardware please visit our site at  And we hope that 2014, the year of the horse, brings good fortune and financial stability to all of us.