Add color to your hardware with a powder coated finish

We will be debuting several new pieces at the upcoming 2014 HD Expo and one that we are particularly excited about is the new powder coated interior of our Morphic cylindrical pull. We have chosen the vibrant hot orange color shown above from Prismatic Powders but, as with all of our architectural hardware products, your choice of color can be customized to meet your needs.

Powder coating is an extremely durable way of adding an accent color to hardware, specifically the pieces in our Morphic series where the colored, powder coated finish will be visible through the openings in the design.

Morphic in brushed finish


As its name suggest, powder coating is achieved by shooting powder onto a metal surface that has been specially prepared to receive the powder.   The process involves masking off the areas you want to be free of color and then baking on the applied color at a fairly high temperature.  This is a common finish for patio furniture as well as for hot rod motorbikes. The biggest design advantage is that it allows you to add your brand stamp to our products i.e. a commercial setting that has a brand color, thereby reinforcing the client's brand.

As a company we offer a full range of architectural door hardware that includes trim for electronic key cards, bathroom and cabinet accessories and styles suited to all genre of  boutique hotels be they contemporary, classic or transitional.  To see our new powder coated hardware as well as a sampling of our custom hardware, stop by our booth #4659 at the HD Expo or visit our site at