Hospitality designers create beautiful boutique hotel in Sweden

We have shared with you how much we enjoy our client who resides in Scandinavia; Norway to be specific.  So it is no wonder that we were fascinated with this new boutique hotel that just opened in neighboring Stockholm, Sweden. Boutique hotels are often smaller in scale than the large chain hotels and offer beautiful and inspiring interiors with unique and modern amenities including beautiful artwork, on-trend color schemes and custom hardware.  The Nobis Hotel is a beautiful example of an inviting boutique hotel and, in our opinion, is set in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

Through the process of combining two neighboring townhouses, the design firm of Claesson Koivisto Rune created a modern dream that brilliantly celebrates the beauty of the original 19th century architecture while offering contemporary interiors that cater to the needs of its sophisticated clientele.  Upon closer inspection you will spot design details that include contemporary furnishings with fine Egyptian linens, soothing colors and all the necessary electronic set-ups the modern traveler requires.

We are proud to have provided other luxurious boutique hotels with custom hardware that celebrates the hotel's location, design scheme or a client's individual brand. Some of our favorites include the orchid pulls and bespoke stylized Hawaiian bird hardware or the custom hardware for the W Hotel in Sensota Cove, Singapore.

Hawaiian bird knob from the Hawaiian custom hardware collection of Martin Pierce hardware

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