Pictorial recap of the step by step process of creating custom hardware

This pictorial recap will complete our 6 part series on creating a piece of custom hardware designed to the client's exact specifications. It begins with an inspiration piece, in this case a metal foil collage the client owned:

artist unknown Martin Pierce Hardware

A hand-drawn rendering is submitted for design approval:

Martin Pierce Hardware

Once approved, a hand-carved wooden mold is created:

Stage Two..hollowing out goblet to create thin mold Martin Pierce Hardware

Design details are worked out:

Wood sculpture compared to working drawing Martin Pierce Hardware

Etched shield Martin Pierce Hardware

A silicon shell is created and wax is poured:

Goblet mold in silicon shell Martin Pierce Hardware

Red wax mold showing detail from wood carving

detail of red wax mold

Assembly details are worked out.  This particular project required two of everything as the door handles were being placed on both the entry and the exit of glass doors:

notice screw placement

Martin Pierce Hardware

The finishing process includes waxing and buffing to highlight specific details:

Buffed and polished Martin Pierce Hardware

The finished product--double door handles with a glass door placed between them:

final product two sided door handles Martin Pierce Hardware

To inquire about purchasing one of these limited edition door handles or to view our entire collection of custom hardware, please visit our site at www.martinpierce.com.