Step-by-step process of creating a piece of custom bronze hardware-Part 1

artist unknown Martin Pierce Hardware Follow along as we create custom door handles that are inspired by this beautiful artwork.

Early this year we were contacted and asked to work on a home in nearby Beverly Hills. The project was to create a pair of wine cellar door handles based on the client’s original serigraph.   In essence, we were asked to create an original three dimensional handle using a linear serigraph as our inspiration.  It helped that Martin liked the serigraph and found that it was well suited to be rendered into a sculpture.  The client was clear that he wanted Martin to employ his own artistry to create a new work of art and use his own hardware expertise to create handles that could be successfully mounted back to back onto glass doors.

Both Martin and our client wanted to capture as much of the fine detail as possible and to give the handles an aged quality.  All that being said, it became apparent from the start that these were going to be extremely difficult pieces to make and require a large amount of bronze so the client decided to make them a limited edition of 50.

As we have shared before, the first step is to come up with a workable design in drawing form.  In this case it took 3 sets of drawings to deliver the one that met all the client's requirements.  Shown below is the chosen design.  You can see how it will attach to the door from the side view and be easy and comfortable to grasp.

Martin Pierce Hardware

To follow along, stay tuned for part two of what we feel is a very interesting and informative series.

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