Recap of our summer getaway--Part 1

While the details of our stay at the lovely Simpson House Inn are still fresh in my mind I wanted to share them with you. As we mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to treat ourselves to a short getaway in Santa Barbara.  The days were heating up in Los Angeles and a trip up the coast would allow us to escape not only our current workload but the heat that sometimes strikes southern California.  We were not to be disappointed!

Simpson House Inn dates back to 1874 and went through many years of decline before being totally and lovingly restored to its original glory by Glyn and Linda Davies.  It opened its doors as a refined B&B in 1985 and can boast being the winner of the prestigious City of Santa Barbara Structure of Merit award.  The low key charm of the staff make you feel like you are spending the weekend as very welcome guests in a dear friend's home.  We began each day with a breakfast of roast potatoes and scrambled eggs with asparagus served on dainty Victorian China.

Breakfast at the Simpson House Inn Martin Pierce Hardware

We enjoyed this breakfast on the veranda every morning and were entertained by the California towhee birds bathing in the garden's water fountain turned birdbath.  The gardens have received the same level of restoration attention as the house and other structures on the property.

Fountain turned birdbath in the formal gardens of Simpson House Inn by Martin Pierce Hardware

Another view of the beautiful gardens at the Simpson House Inn Martin Pierce Hardware

After this hearty breakfast we set out for a daily hike on one of the nearby nature trails, only to return to homemade lemonade and freshly baked cookies each afternoon.

We certainly learned that there is no need to travel far and fight the crowds in order to get away from your daily routine and relax.  Communities across the country offer opportunities for those who live nearby to enjoy a day or two away from the daily "grind".

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