An opportunity to find some design inspiration right here in southern California-Part 2

During our recent stay at the Simpson House Inn we were able to take advantage of all the opportunities to view and enjoy the natural areas that surround Santa Barbara in the form of hiking trails, state beaches and botanical gardens. Our fascination and interest in birds was certainly satisfied on our daily nature trips.  One such outing found us on the nearby Carpinteria State Beach.  We actually had the place all to ourselves for most of our visit.  With the exception of one lone human being,

Carpinteria State Beach Martin Pierce Hardware

the only other living creatures we saw were those with wings, pincers or fins.  For example, the ever-present seagull.  Have you ever noticed how they always seem to strike a pose?

Ubiquitous seagull at Carpinteria State Beach.  Notice how they always pose! Martin Pierce Hardware

Curlews flying in formation near the ocean's surface--no doubt hunting for a tasty morsel

Martin Pierce Hardware

and the prehistoric looking and always fascinating to watch Brown Pelican

Martin Pierce Hardware

This part of the California coast features outcroppings of rocks that are home to many species including this little crab Martin found in one of the rock mounds.

Martin Pierce Hardware

We certainly came back with plenty of design inspiration as well as an appreciation of this beautiful country and state we live in.

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