Custom hardware Hawaiian style

I have just one question for you---does this look like some place you would like to be right now? Photo courtesy of Debbie Zylstra Martin Pierce Hardware

This photo was sent to us by Deborah Zylstra of Zylstra Interiors.  You may recall from previous posts, we worked with her on selecting and developing just the right custom hardware that enhanced the design and style of the residence but also celebrated the incredible natural surroundings and Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian bird knob from the Hawaiian custom hardware collection of Martin Pierce hardware

In this close-up of the impressive entry doors you can see the cylindrical door pull from our Morphic collection, made even more special cast, per Debbie's request, in white bronze.  When we saw this picture we initially thought the gardens beyond had been photoshopped into the photo when, in actuality, they are real.  That is a view I would never tire of!

Photo by Zylstra Interiors Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

This door is obviously custom made but what makes it even more amazing is that if you look closely you will see that there is some lovely mahogany burl in the panels.  Simply beautiful!

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