Tools of the trade for custom hardware

carving tools Martin Pierce Hardware While we agree that the most important tools for any creative profession is the brain, the imagination and the hands, there are other man-made tools that do make the job easier and add those all-important details that can turn a hunk of clay, stone or metal into a work of art.  Chisels of varying sizes, hammers, mallets, knives and vises all play an important role in the final outcome of a piece of sculpture, custom hardware or furniture.

Over the years we have sporadically shared with you some of the tools that Martin uses when creating his sculptures and custom hardware molds.  As you can see from some of the photos, Martin does have his favorites that bear the marks of years of use.  But, like most things, they just get better with time.

Martin Carving a Large Lizard in Wood

Here is the result of the carving seen in the above photo---our lizard door pulls.  The close-up photo makes it possible for you to see the amazing detail and realism on the lizards and the backplate accomplished through the use of all of Martin's carving tools.

martin pierce lizard door pull right and left


We would love to hear what tools you find useful in your job.  And if you would like to view our collection of architectural hardware, custom furniture and unique sculptures, please visit us at