Wildflowers offer inspiration for custom hardware designs

We have always been intrigued by the beauty and the variety of California wildflowers and other indigenous plants, as evidenced by many of the designs in our Flora custom hardware collection. Daisy drawer pull by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Like many areas of the country, southern California has a wildflower season that begins sometime in the early spring.  The first blooms and the duration of the wildflower viewing season are determined by the weather, specifically the amount of rainfall the area receives during the year.  The drought continues to be in effect, even with the recent rains we have enjoyed, but we are looking forward to some cooler days and more precipitation to enhance the blooming season.  This photo, taken in May 2014 shows just how beautiful the hillsides are when the poppies take over in all their citrus colored glory!

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve courtesy of desertusa.com

The succulents that grow in the desert also flower and require very little water in order to survive the soaring temperatures and arid conditions.  We are equally intrigued by these hardy plants and often take photos of the various species we discover on our hikes and visits to local botanical gardens.

Cacti and succulents photo by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Flowers are a great source of inspiration for your hospitality design projects, as evidenced by this gorgeous orchid pull designed for our client in Hawaii.

The height of elegance, Martin Pierce's silver plated orchid stem pull.  Notice all the grooved areas. Martin Pierce Hardware

If you get a chance, a trip to the local desert to see these wildflowers in bloom is definitely in order.

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