April showers bring metal May flowers

Beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom in Tokyo photo by YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images  Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016 The beautiful blooming cherry blossoms shown above are certainly inspirational, as is most of nature.  And, as with other artists, designers and architects, Martin looks to nature for new ideas when designing new hardware pieces or venturing into new territory as he did with our soon to be debuted wall sconces.

We recently shared with you a photo of our new candlesticks that we will be debuting at the upcoming 2015 HD Expo.  In doing some research we have discovered that metallic floral depictions in the form of sculpture and artwork are a great way to introduce a touch of springtime to your interior design projects without the requirement of watering, pruning, fertilizing etc.

Along with out own beautiful floral inspired candleholder

Martin Pierce  Los Angeles, CA  90016 Photo by Doug Hill

you can also add the beauty of flowers with items like:

Metal pod sculptures from Global View looks a little out of this world. Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

or this amazing display framed in acrylic boxes by well-known artist Tommy Mitchell

design metal flower sculpture from tommy mitchell and available at neiman marcusTo view our Flora custom hardware, along with our entire collection, please visit our site at www.martinpierce.com.

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