How to garden during California's drought If you live in California you are painfully aware of the drought we are suffering and all the bad news that word conjures up.  As a result of new California regulations mandating water restrictions it has become necessary for all of us to make some adjustments.

As we are both from a country that is usually  too wet for words it is not surprising that we grew up with a fondness for green grass. Even though we moved to a seemingly arid city we still had an aesthetic dependency on that beautiful green substance.

In hindsight it appears we were not the only people who felt our small bit of Los Angeles could be kept green and, indeed, we buried our heads in the sand and clung to our nostalgic memories and to the hope that this would be the case.

Sadly,that is not the case so, after giving up the sprinklers which resulted in our “lawn” turning brown it seemed the time was right to embrace a deeper meaning of green.  Martin was still in denial hoping that some temporary solution could be found but eventually he conceded the dead lawn had to go.

The result is that we have decided to rip out the ugly brown grass and replace it with an orderly variety of succulents, paving stones and decomposed granite. With that as our goal we have photographed the old garden and will keep you posted as we move forward.

Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Photo by Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles, Ca  90016

Not exactly the lush green landscape you expect from a home located in southern California.  But we have high hopes that the new plan will be just as beautiful in its own unique way.  Photos to follow.

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