Hotel and travel expectations of today's millennials Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are defined as "a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000."  They have taken over, in numbers, the Baby Boomers, making them a generation to be reckoned with!

Tech savvy and hooked on social media, the number of young adults in this group is estimated to be around 80 million!  That is an awful lot of travellers with very specific expectations when they do travel.  According to a survey conducted last year by Chase Card Services, whether for business or pleasure, this group of sophisticated young adults search for specific amenities when looking to book a hotel.  By familiarizing themselves with these expectations, hospitality designers can create spaces that they will, hopefully, return to time and again and share positive experiences with their fellow millennials via social media.

  • Access to spas, massages, gyms and other luxury amenities
  • A pet-friendly hotel
  • Personal services such as dry cleaning
  • Easy access to public transportation.  At the very least, shuttles that will pick up and drop off
  • Reward programs are important to this group of travelers, especially those that offer elite status
  • A tech friendly environment.  This group is not shy about posting about their experience as well as seeking the opinion of others before making hotel selection
  • Well-designed lobbies that allow guests to meet and interact.  New and bold designs and ideas will attract their attention.

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