How does a new product evolve at Martin Pierce Hardware?

The process of designing and developing new products is a timely one.  A new idea may be inspired by something we have seen in nature, on our travels or as a result of a client's specific request, which was the case when we created these amazing door handles for a private wine cellar. final product two sided door handles Martin Pierce Hardware

One of the new products we are currently working on is adding LED lights to our small Morphic handle and while it may seem like an easy task, it is anything but easy!

  • We must first re-design and make a new pattern that is 5% bigger than the current one we use in order to accommodate an LED bulb.  This is one of the ongoing research and development costs that are inherent to any creative manufacturing process. Fortunately, we enjoy what we do and actually get a real buzz from improving a product or offering an alternative to an existing product.
  • While there are plenty of LED lights on the market the one we are testing is certified for use in wet locations, which is important for any door handle.
  • During the design process we must find a style that we both agree works for the new product.  Currently we have 5 designs for new caps on the pulls but have not been able to agree on which one is best.  Not to worry as we both know that when the right one is drawn we will both know it!  And since Martin is a doodler by nature, coming up with new designs is no problem.

We are also contemplating adding an LED light to the Morphic Heroic pull. This will not be easy and may well prove too costly.  The molds for this piece are very difficult  to make and there are several molds used in one handle. We need to figure out how to increase the diameter of this piece so it is large enough to house a small LED light.

Morphic Heroic door pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA 90016 Photo by Doug Hill

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