Lighting options--Wall sconces

Residential and hospitality designers alike know the power of a good lighting plan for interior spaces.  Accent lighting is equally as important to a room as ambient and task lighting and can be achieved using various types of lighting fixtures.  One such fixture is a wall sconce. A sconce is defined as "a candle holder, or a holder of another light source, that is attached to a wall with an ornamental bracket."  Wall sconces are intended for use as accent lighting although certain circumstances may call for sconces to act as task lighting.  They are often hung along a hallway or flanking a fireplace mantel, headboard, bathroom mirror or a beautiful picture window.  Like our custom wall sconces, the designs often cast an interesting pattern onto the wall and offer soft illumination to any space.

We recently ventured into the world of lighting design when we introduced our new wall sconce designs at the 2015 HD Expo in Las Vegas this past May.  As we have mentioned in previous posts, we are big fans of "Game of Thrones" and that is evident in the details and design of our Dragon Egg wall sconce.

Dragon egg wall sconce by Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles CA 90016 Photo by Doug Hill

Along with the stylized back plate and finial, perforations meant to mimic the membrane that lines an egg allow the light to shine through.

In this photo, traditionally styled wall sconces line a hallway and offer illumination as well as an interesting design element.

And this very contemporary wall sconce in a home in Melbourne Australia offers soft lighting in an art form.
Another pair of artfully design wall sconces help make this fireplace the focal point of the room.
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