Weekend getaway to Paso Robles for Martin Pierce hardware

Tablas Creek Winery

Tablas Creek Winery

Many of you may already be familiar with our love for the Paso Robles wine region.  The close proximity to our home in Los Angeles and the fact that we have very dear friends who live there make it one of our favorite weekend destinations.

Paso Robles wine country

The warm, actually downright hot, summer weather makes this an ideal location for growing grapes.  A short drive inland will reveal hillsides dotted with vineyards and plenty of opportunities for wine tasting.  One of our favorites, Tablas Creek, is representative of the many tasting opportunities within a short drive of each other.

Art in Paso Robles

Another favorite winery is Sculpterra winery due, in part, to the beautiful grounds and opportunity to tour the sculpture garden on site.  For obvious reasons Martin finds this aspect of this winery interesting and inspiring.  You can view many of his own sculptures on our website, www.martinpierce.com/art/.

Iris in Paso Robles

Iris will be joining us on this trip as she looks forward to a weekend getaway as much as we do.  Especially since she is able to stretch her legs and run as much as she wants to in the open air.

Iris waiting to go outside for a run.  Martin PIerce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Iris waiting to go outside for a run.  Martin PIerce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Do you have a favorite weekend getaway?

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