A variety of door handle styles


A knob,  lever or backplate?  Entry or passageway?  It seems there are no simple questions when it comes to interior design.  Which door handle style best suits your design project is one of those seemingly simple questions that become a bit more complicated as you begin your search for the perfect door handle.  The definitions below are offered to assist you in selecting the most functional as well as aesthetically pleasing door hardware for your hospitality, residential or commercial design project.


The official function of a door knob in door knob terminology is to disengage the latch from the striker plate in order to open a door.  Most often round in shape, passageway knobs are generally installed on bedroom, bath, closet and hallway doors and may or may not have a push pin locking system for privacy.  Knob style door hardware can also be used on exterior doors when fitted with a keyed lock system for security.  A dummy knob is a non-operating door knob that is most often used on closet doors or the non-operating side of a double door system.  Knob door handles are available in an endless variety of designs and finishes that will compliment any design style.


A lever style door handle has the same function as all door knobs---to open a door.  The lever is pushed down to operate the latch system, making this style of door handle a good choice for those who may experience difficulty grasping and turning a round door knob including children, seniors and those who are physically challenged.


Backplates, deadbolts, rosettes--these door handle accessories and trim pieces add that all-important finishing detail to your door hardware.  Backplates and rosettes are not only attractive, they can eliminate the need for patching and repairing holes left from previous hardware.  Deadbolts are necessary for security on entry way doors and come in both single and double cylinder styles that may or may not be incorporated into the design of your door handle set.  A single cylinder incorporates both a keyed lock on the exterior of the door and a thumb latch on the interior.  A double cylinder requires a key on both the interior and exterior of the door.  

Once you have selected a door handle style it will be necessary to choose a finish (bronze, stainless steel, brass etc.) a design style (contemporary, traditional, rustic) and finally, a design motif that will suit your overall interior design.  The specifics of your individual project will determine which door handle style is best suited to your needs.