How to customize a door handle to fit a specific project

The Ergo door handle  from Martin Pierce Hardware is one of our more popular collections due, in part, to its adaptability to any style decor or application.  Such was the case when we were contacted by Kathy Novo-Shumate CMKBD,CID to alter the look of these door handles to suit a set of three pocketed glass patio doors.  After discussing the project with Ms. Novo-Shumate we came to the conclusion that it would be best to create a new "version" of this piece to fit her doors and make it possible to make this version many times over.  

The new Ergo design is much more upright and the curvature of the handle more compact thereby allowing for clearance of nearby walls or other obstacles.

E rgo door handle  from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016  Photo Doug Hill

Ergo door handle from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016  Photo Doug Hill

You can see the subtle differences by comparing the newer version above to the original design shown below installed on a set of interior glass doors.



This is not the first time we have been asked to render the Ergo door handle more compact. We had a similar request from a designer who used these pieces as handles for an armoire. On that occassion Martin was able to cast the waxes from the existing mold.  With gentle heating he was able to manipulate the wax and make the piece flatter and then cast it in the chosen metal. 

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