Social Media and Martin Pierce Hardware

Martin Pierce black and white sketch is one of the more popular Pins from our Pinterest Page

Martin Pierce black and white sketch is one of the more popular Pins from our Pinterest Page

Remember the good old days when a single page website was all you needed in order to claim a “web presence”?  A stock photo was added if you were fancy.  Boy have things changed! 

Today’s web presence is an alphabet soup of options and must-haves in order to get your name out there and make it possible for clients and customers to find you.  New verbs like tweet, pin and post have been added to our vocabulary.  Good photography skills are now a must in order to post a pretty Instagram photo that others will want to follow.  Hours are spent poring over Pinterest pages to find inspirational photos that are not only pleasing to you but to others as well, in the hopes that you are “repinned”.  And sharing no longer refers to the act of splitting your sandwich in half and giving to others but rather, refers to the important act of linking and sharing web content that others might enjoy and link and share and so on and so on.

Here at Martin Pierce Hardware we have joined this sometimes confusing but always exciting world of social media.   


Our Pinterest page receives many daily visitors as well as impressions, clicks and repins---all those funny words that mean good things.  One of our most popular pins is our Black and White Sketch page that shows several of Martin’s sketches along with repins of other beautiful and inspiring works.  Martin begins each custom door handle project with a sketch of the design and these become miniature pieces of artwork themselves.


We are new to Instagram but are enjoying the process of taking and posting photos of subject matter that we find interesting and inspiring.   An unexpected benefit is the opportunity to really take notice of the world around you, be in the moment and find pleasure in small details like the carving on a door or the gleam of a polished steel door handle or the rainbow of colors in a curb side garden.  You can follow us by clicking on this link and enjoying the photos we have posted thus far.  Our favorites include #doorhandles and #entrydoorhandles.

We would love to start following you on Instagram and Pinterest as well so please stop by, leave us a comment and/or follow our pages.  We look forward to seeing the world through your eyes, as it were.