The Tiger Door Handle can now be seen in all of his different LED colors in a recent video created by Jeff Jenkins of OneFoxTwoFox. The video can be viewed on our website or on our YouTube  channel where we also show videos for our door handle styles as well our other lighting products.

When time permits we work with Jeff Jenkins to shoot as much of our product as possible as the video medium allows us to really show the scale, texture and different perspectives of our work that cannot easily be captured in static photography.

We are currently and incrementally shooting a video which will feature our new long door grips as they move from the design stage to becoming epic 5’ tall door handles. The first piece in this series will be the Ergo extended pull which began life as a 12” cabinet handle that evolved into a 35” door grip and that has now grown to a 55” grip. The long grip video will also feature some current pieces that have been commissioned as custom pulls for a hospitality project in Houston.

Our work on the new Hedgerow door handle is the subject of a second video which documents Martin Pierce’s  skill as a wood carver and shows the development of this new handle from being a series of carved wooden patterns to becoming a series of wax replicas to finally taking form as a bronze door handle.