Birds in flight over Los Angeles

We are very fortunate to have a terrific view of Los Angeles bird life from our home in the Hollywood Hills.  While we do have an unsightly electrical pole at the end of the garden, its one redeeming factor is that it attracts hawks and owls. Red tailed Hawk Martin Pierce Hardware

martin pierce redtail hawk on utility pole

Alas, I do not  have any photos  of the Great Horned Owl that visits as he tends to arrive at dusk or later in the evening in pursuit of dinner in the form of rats and other rodents. However, over this past July 4th weekend Martin was able to photograph 2 hawks, one a juvenile male red tailed hawk and the other a Coppers hawk.  All these birds seem to be attracted by wildlife and we certainly do have a lot of young squirrels and rats that allow them to thrive well in our local habitat. As you may know, Martin is very fond of birds.  In our custom hardware collection we currently offer a swallow cabinet pull.

swallow pull from Martin Piece hardware

Martin is currently working on a set of handles inspired by the Steller's Jay.  We will provide more detailed photos of the first handles when they return from the foundry but, in the meantime, here is a little teaser.

early carving of the Jay's wing Martin Pierce Hardware

Jay before assembly Martin Pierce Hardware

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