Your hospitality design project will come to life with custom hardware

Custom door and drawer hardware will enhance any design style whether it be sleek and contemporary, warmly traditional or interestingly eclectic.  For designers who work on hospitality or commercial projects or a homeowner looking to add a personal touch to their home, paying attention to details like hardware will turn an ordinary project into an extraordinary project. Contemporary hardware

Contemporary styling is right at home in a sleek high-rise apartment building, upscale boutique or a modern home perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  Look for hardware crafted from metals like stainless steel, brass or high polished bronze.  Organic shapes will add movement and interest to all the smooth surfaces commonly found in a contemporary environment as will a pop of bright color or interesting lighting accents like those seen on our new cylindrical entryway levers that we debuted at the 2014 HD Expo.

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

Whimsical designs are also a nice choice for contemporary spaces and add a bit of personality.  Our Animal  and Netzuke collection features many pieces in the form of nature's creatures that are so lifelike it will require close inspection to determine if they are real or not.

Traditional hardware

For those projects that require a more traditional look in hardware, an oil rubbed bronze and/or classic shapes and symbols always work.  Soothing floral shapes or the warmth and beauty of the patina of hand-rubbed bronze will support other traditional design elements such as beautiful moldings and impressive architectural details.

Passageway levers from the Willow 1 collection at Martin Pierce Hardware

Celebrate nature

Architectural hardware that celebrates the shapes and forms of nature will enhance any design style and any corporate, hospitality or residential environment.  Leaves, florals, grapevines, birds and even lizards and geckos will bring a sense of the outdoors inside.

lizard multi point door lever from Martin Pierce Hardware

Bespoke hardware

Of course, the ultimate statement any organization, company or homeowner can make is a personal one.  This can be accomplished through the creation and installation of bespoke hardware designed to represent a corporate brand, a favorite piece of artwork or a native habitat as in the bird hardware we created for this Hawaiian project.

Hawaiian bird knob from the Hawaiian custom hardware collection of Martin Pierce hardware

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