Flowers are in bloom at Martin Pierce Hardware

There is no better time than during the warm months of summer to take the time to stop and smell the roses.  In other words, enjoy the beautiful flowers that are blooming all around you.  It is easy to spot them----well tended gardens in your neighborhoods, over-stuffed window boxes of local businesses or those blooms that grow wildly in the nearby fields. Photo courtesy of Slim Paley Blog

We have always enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of different flowers.  So much so that Martin has created many different "varieties" of architectural hardware in floral motifs that are so lifelike you will be tempted to bend down and do a sniff test.  Sadly, there is no fragrance but you can enjoy the beauty of these flowers all year round, nevertheless.

Daisies are such a lovely little flower that conjures up feelings of carefree days spent at the park.  Our bronze daisy drawer pull will add just the right amount of femininity to a hip clothing boutique, day spa or a sunroom or conservatory in a beautiful home.


Daisy drawer pull by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Few flowers are as elegant or as sophisticated as an orchid.  Enjoy the beauty of these flowers without all the worry and effort that goes into the care of these delicate blooms with the addition of our silver plated orchid and orchid stem drawer pull.

The height of elegance, Martin Pierce's silver plated orchid stem pull

Don't let summer end without taking the time to notice the flowers in your area.  Visit a local botanical garden, stroll through your downtown area or just take a walk through your own neighborhood and see how many varieties of flowering plants you can identify.

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