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Before, during and after- our drought tolerant garden update.

When we last updated you our backyard looked something like this-- Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

And now, with the drip system in place

martin pierce backyard drip system

we have been able to plant many varieties of drought tolerant plants and this area now looks like this--

Martin Pierce Hardware  Los Angeles Ca  90016

Before the construction--

Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

And where we are now--

Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles Ca  90016

As you can see, our little ceramic birdbath remains part of the new design plans, which I am certain will make our feathered friends happy.  Some of the plants and grasses we decided to use include:

  • This Golden barrel cactus – Iris beware!
  • Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, Ca  90016

  • Aeonium clyclops
  • Agave
  • Blue fescue - a hardy drought resistant grass

The next step will be to put down the decomposed granite and sand to create pathways.

We purchased all of the exotic plants from World Wide Exotics Nursery and the blue fescue grass from Armstrong Nursery in Glendale.

Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

We will keep you posted as we complete each step of this transformation.

Have you altered your landscape as a result of the drought conditions?

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Spotlight on architectural hardware collections at Martin Pierce---Morphic

One of the more popular lines of architectural hardware at Martin Pierce Hardware is our Morphic collection.  One look at the sleek design and interesting texture of these pieces and it is easy to understand it's popularity. Morphic in brushed finish


On our website we describe it this way: "Fluid contemporary designs are the basis for this innovative style of decorative door hardware. Cast in steel, these hardware pieces are extremely contemporary but when cast in bronze the effect is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style."

The openwork design of this grouping makes it the perfect candidate for innovative customization options like the addition of a powder coated color:

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

or an LED lighting feature that will be debuted at this years HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This collection also underwent some color and form changes for the new Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas.  More on this exciting project to come.

The collection also includes large and small pulls for cabinetry and furniture, passageway knobs, entry way levers that can be adapted to meet ADA standards and our majestic entry door pulls that will make a great first impression to all who enter a residence, hotel, spa or other hospitality project.  Here is a sampling of the collection:

Large pull from the Morphic collection at Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

Heroic door pull from Morphic collection at Martin Pierce hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

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A look back at past giveaways at the HD Expo

We recently announced that the first ten visitors to our booth in the Exhibitor's Hall at the 2015 HD Expo will receive one of our exquisitely detailed silver plated orchid drawer pulls to use as they please. Silver plated orchid knob from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

We have made it a tradition to award a piece of our custom hardware each year we attend the HD Expo.  We thought it might be fun to revisit past giveaways:

In 2014 we awarded twenty lucky visitors to our booth their choice of either the whimsical dragonfly pull or our small scarab beetle pull.

dragonfly drawer pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles, CA  90016

Small scarab pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Small scarab pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA 90016

The spring of 2013 found us delighting ten lucky winners with our beautifully detailed butterfly pull.

Small butterfly pull with hot amber patina created by Martin Pierce custom hardware

Our new at the time bronze daisy pull was chosen as the giveaway for the 2012 HD Expo.

Daisy pull from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles California 90016

And it all started with the fun polished brass frog pull we awarded to the first ten visitors to our booth during our inaugural visit to the 2011 HD Expo.

Frog pull in polished brass from Martin Pierce Hardware Los Angeles CA  90016

Were you one of the lucky winners?

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Add color to your custom hardware

color wheel  

Most of us are familiar with and expect oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, nickel and brass finish choices when it comes time to select door and cabinet hardware.  But we are here to tell you that you can add color to your hardware.

Adding a specific color will not only add interest but it can offer other positive influences. For example, hospitality designers will appreciate the ability to incorporate a client's specific brand color to a project's hardware, thereby highlighting the brand.  If the hardware selection incorporates design features such as floral motifs, animals, bugs etc., adding color will allow these patterns to really "pop".  Our lizard pull shown below is a fine example of the impact color can have on custom hardware.

hot patina color added to lizard pull and available at via pinterest

A subtle introduction of color can also have a big impact.  The effect is seen in the color we added to our Morphic cylindrical entryway pulls and debuted at this year's HD Expo in Las Vegas.  The cutout design offers the perfect opportunity to add color to this sleek and contemporary collection of custom hardware.

Morphic cylindrical pull with a hot orange powder coated accent from Martin Pierce Hardware

Is there a place in your next project for some color?  If so, please visit our site at to view our entire collection of architectural hardware.

Gardens and hardware and family...oh my!

It is often a good thing and we are very fortunate to work with family members, especially when they live in the picturesque village of Pembridge, Herefordshire  which is where Martin’s brother Bob and his wife Carrie live. Bob is an extremely talented graphic designer and a website designer.  He is the talent behind all three of the websites that have evolved into our current site. Thankfully, he not only has a fantastic eye for stylish and clear web design but he is technically savvy as well. This makes it possible for him to keep pace with the constant changes and updates we make to the web site so that it reflects all of our current pieces.

Carrie and Bob also happen to have a beautiful home and, lucky for us, a guest house, in this picturesque village which is where we often spend our summer holidays. Theirs is the perfect English garden complete with wall enclosure and pond.  Therefore, not surprisingly we thought it only fitting that they chose something from our hardware line for their new oak garden gate.

Do you recognize this piece?

grapevine pull from Martin Pierce Hardware

It is from our Grapevine collection of architectural hardware and blends in perfectly with this beautiful English garden.

Now sit back and enjoy these beautiful pictures of the garden and quintessential English village.

A pond reminiscent of a Money painting. Martin Pierce Hardware

A chilly Christmas Eve in Pembridge.

Pembridge Martin Pierce Hardware

This village is beautiful in all seasons as you can see from this photo with red geraniums in full bloom.

East St in Pembridge, Herefordshire Martin Pierce Hardware

Market Hall

Market Hall in Pembridge Martin Pierce Hardware

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Gone to the dogs!

The past couple of weeks have found us taking a respite from the mountains of work and sharing with you photos and recaps of some of our "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer". But, sadly, it is time to get back to work.  Before that we wanted to share with you another fun project: We recently celebrated a birthday (but I will not say which birthday as we do value our friendship) with our very dear friend Tracy.  As our gift to her Martin carved a sculpture of her dog Dale, who is a 3 legged wonder and her loving companion.  The gift  was a very pleasant surprise for her and one that I know she cherishes. dog sculpture in rough form Martin Pierce Hardware

If you knew Dale you would understand what a spunky and funny and loving dog he is.  And while he may be a tad challenged by having 3 legs he is an extremely agile canine and could give us two-legged humans a run for our money any day. Dale was started from one large block of wood although Martin did have to add a separate piece for the tail for, if it had it been from the same block the end grain would have made this section too fragile. The wood he chose was Alder as it is a reasonable wood to carve and it has little grain allowing Martin to paint on Dale's coloring.

Completed sculpture out of alder wood Martin Pierce Hardware

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Martin is thinking about sculpting our dog Iris.  Iris' sculpture will focus only on her head.  But just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with her body (unlike her human companions, Martin and I) as she has beautifully defined muscles and a generally athletic physique.  To begin the process Martin studies photographs that will become drawings that are then properly scaled so that they can be traced onto a block of wood.

Martin Pierce Hardware

We were wondering if any of our readers have any suggestions for a suitable wood.  We are thinking of walnut, which carves beautifully but the dark brown color will fade to a golden color over time.  Or perhaps white oak that, despite its name, is light brown in tone. We hope you enjoy our sculptures.  As you may be aware, the process of creating a sculpture and a bespoke piece of architectural hardware is quite similar.  To view our entire collection of custom hardware please visit our site at

Summer getaway recap--Part 3

We wanted to give you one last opportunity to take a look at all that Santa Barbara County and the Simpson House Inn have to offer so you can plan your own trip. As we mentioned in Part I and 2 of our vacation recap, the Simpson House Inn is a great choice for a weekend getaway, especially when you live in nearby busy and noisy Hollywood as we do.  We enjoyed relaxing and enjoying the beautiful gardens but we were also able to get out and hike the many trails that are nearby and even enjoyed a solitary day on Carpinteria State Beach.

Carpinteria State Beach Martin Pierce Hardware

We also found time to visit a spot we often come to when we are in Santa Barbara, the Botanic Gardens.  The historic man made dam which is the life spring of these gardens was created back in 1807 to supply the local mission with water.  It remains as part of the gardens, which were developed in the 1930's.

We have visited these gardens twice before over the last 15 years but have never seen them as dry as we did on this visit due to the drought in California.  However, the one watering hole we did find was home to a turtle who obligingly posed for a portrait shot.

Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens Martin Pierce Hardware

Alas, as you can see in the photo below, water was not present in the creek and this poor tree was left suffering from soil erosion and exposed roots.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Martin Pierce Hardware

However, there is still plenty of plant and wildlife to enjoy as this little sparrow proves; offering Martin plenty of enjoyment as well as design inspiration.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Martin Pierce hardware

We were also able to take a longish hike along the Cold Springs Trail that takes one high into the local Santa Ynez Mountains.  We had escaped the heat of LA and exchanged it for the cooler climate of Santa Barabara.  But even this terrain is showing the effects of the drought as we found boulders and exposed tree roots in areas where the creeks should be flowing.

Cold Springs Trail Martin Pierce Hardware

The trail was almost empty on the eastern ascent and we saw few hikers.  Predictably , after our 90 minute hike we returned to Simpson House Inn for their cold lemonade.  The perfect finish to a perfect day!
To view our entire collection of architectural hardware, many pieces inspired by trips like this, please visit our site at

It's a bug's life at Martin Pierce Hardware

A while back we shared with you our quest to find inspiration for new projects we were working on.  You can review that post here.  Since that time we have welcomed some new family members to our home.  The purpose was to study their habits, their form and their nests but, truth be told, Martin is enjoying his new friends. Martin Pierce Hardware

These are Hercules beetles that we have named Boris and Natasha as they joined our household when the Olympics were being hosted in Russia this winter.

Boris, the male is easy to recognize as he is the proud owner of a pair of horns of “Herculean” proportion, hence the name of the species.

Martin Pierce Hardware

Natasha is less flashy and a bit camera shy.  As there is no competition in the terrarium they have been forced to accept each other and occasionally we have witnessed something vaguely approaching amorous behavior.  Yes, we are definitely guilty as charged of imbuing these scarabs with human emotions.

What can we tell you about our 5 months with the couple?

  • They like banana and mango and, most recently have developed a taste for peaches.
  • They have very poor table manners.  Once they discover they like a particular fruit they quite literally immerse themselves in it and use their mouth parts, which look like hairy brushes, to suck up their food. They can remain immersed for hours.
  • They are generally nocturnal and when we look at them in the daytime we spend quite a lot of time turning over mulch to find them.
  • They need a very moist habitat so we spray water into the terrarium every couple of days.
  • When they emerge from the soil they are dark but become lighter with exposure to UV light.
  • Conversely, when they are sprayed with water they turn darker.
  • As a result of all of the above we have a fair number of fruit flies that require we clean out their soil quite often.
  • Last but not least, when you stroke Boris he hisses and Martin finds this “cute”.

You will recall that we gave away ten of our scarab beetle drawer pulls at the recent 2014 HD Expo.  Both Diana Kouzouian of Kouzouian's FCF. Inc., and Carlita Anderson of Josh Held Design walked away as the proud owner of their own beetle.

As a teaser I will let you know that Martin is currently working on a fantasy painting of beetles and I will share his progress as we go along.  So, how do you feel about these prehistoric creatures?

To view our entire collection of architectural hardware in beetle and other animal forms, please visit our site at


Great news for hospitality designers attending HD Expo 2014

As with all of the exhibitors, we are very busy preparing for and excited about attending the HD Expo in Las Vegas again this year and sharing many of our favorite products, as well as debuting several new items. Morphic cylindrical door pull from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

We hope to share with you the prototype for our new LED lit entryway lever that we feel could be one of the most exciting innovations in hospitality design.  This hardware is not only beautiful but provides safety and function for all of your hotel, retirement home, spa and boutique hotel clients.

We will also be debuting our new powder coated line from our Morphic custom hardware series.  This new addition will allow you to further customize your client's spaces with a color that is either part of the overall design plan or represents and highlights their specific brand.

And, while we have been sharing the fact that we will be giving away ten of our dragonfly or scarab beetle drawer pulls, we have decided to double that and give away 20 of these unique pieces of hardware to the first twenty visitors to our booth #4659.  So be sure and stop by early, see our products, say hello and collect your custom bronze drawer pull.

You can view our entire collection of architectural hardware on our site at

Martin Pierce invites you to join us at the HD Expo 2014

Our invitation that recently appeared in the HD Expo newsletter:
Martin Pierce would like to invite you to come join us at HD Expo 2014.

This year we will be introducing our latest Morphic door handles in 316 stainless steel and bronze and will be offering you the choice of custom powder coated colors. We will also be debuting our first prototype LED handle, geared to those in the luxury hospitality market, we expect this illuminated design will become a signature statement. As a company we offer a full range of door hardware that includes trim for electronic key cards, bathroom and cabinet accessories and styles suited to all genre of boutique hotels be they contemporary, classical or transitional.

Booth: 4659 Contact: Anne Pierce, CEO Email: Phone: (323) 939-5929 Website:
martin pierce morphic handles with orange background
The first 20 visitors to our booth will receive a bronze cabinet pull!

Interior design trend alert--Paisley

  design paisley drawing

Paisley is making a big comeback in both the fashion and interior design world.  This ancient design is fondly remembered by many of us as the favored fabric of the bohemian world during the turbulent sixties and seventies.  At that time it was used for both clothing and textiles for home decor and provided a way to rebel against traditional designs like damask and other popular patterns favored by the "establishment".  Apparently unbeknownst to the rebellious youth, this teardrop shaped design had been around for centuries.

Originating in Iran in early 200AD, it was known as the Boteh Jegheh.  The stylized floral design is believed by historians to be a combination of tree and floral symbols that represent life and eternity. Interestingly, the western world favors the term paisley, which comes from the Scottish town of the same name that produced the woven textiles once they were introduced to the British Isles by travelers and sailors.

This versatile pattern mixes well with both contemporary and traditional styles. Therefore, both residential and hospitality designers are utilizing this exotic symbol in many ways.  Paisley patterned fabrics are available in all colorways and weaves and will add a sophisticated look to window treatments, upholstery, wall coverings and room accents. Oriental and Persian carpets, antique and new, often utilize this symbol in either an overall design or in the border.

Stylized floral patterns, like paisley, have played a large role in many of our architectural hardware designs.  For example, our popular Hedgerow collection is Martin's interpretation of the hedges and bushes that were so familiar to him as a child growing up in England.

Hedgerow collection coat hook by martin pierce

Have you used the paisley pattern in any of your recent projects?

If you would like to view our Hedgerow hardware or our entire collection of custom hardware, please visit our site at







2014 HD Expo Update

Beautiful in its own right, this scarab beetle pull from Martin Pierce Hardware is certainly creepy as well. While we are very busy working on some new projects that we cannot wait to share with you,  we are also very busy pulling things together for our booth at the 2014 HD Expo that is just 60 days away!

We are anticipating a wonderful experience at the Expo.  The venue is always great (Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center) and as we have said, we are looking forward to meeting up with old friends from past Expos as well as make many new friends.

When you stop by our booth #4659 you will be able to see firsthand many items from our custom architectural hardware collections and new items that we are very excited to share with you.  For example, if we can get through the bureaucracy involved, we hope to debut an LED lit door handle from our Morphic collection that will serve many of your clients in the hospitality and commercial industry.  And, the first ten visitors to our booth will receive one of our custom drawer pulls.  In the past we have given away frogs, butterflies and daisies and we continue the tradition this year with one of our dragonfly or scarab beetle pulls.  These little works of art will add a touch of springtime to your desk or cabinet.  See you there!

You can view our entire collection of custom architectural hardware at

Day trips from Los Angeles--The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Like many people who live in a large city, we often feel the need and desire to get away from it all and take a day trip to someplace peaceful and quiet.  One of our favorite destinations in the Los Angeles area is the Huntington Library in  San Marino.  With an amazing art collection and several breathtakingly beautiful gardens, there is always something to see or be inspired by on every visit.  We often make this quick 30 minute drive to seek inspiration and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. As the seasons morph from winter into spring there is abundant new life in the gardens. Spring is the perfect time to visit and see the recent changes made to the lovely and tranquil Chinese Garden.  Two new pavilions will be host to visiting musicians for afternoon concerts and there is a new rock grotto with an amazing path that takes you underneath and behind a waterfall!

Rock Grotto in the Chinese Garden area of the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Whether you are seeking some design inspiration for an upcoming project or your own garden, or simply looking for an afternoon that does not involve crowded shopping malls and fast food restaurants, the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens is sure to delight. Enjoy some of our own photos taken on a recent visit.

Butterflies and birds are always a welcome sight in the gardens.

Songbird captured at rest  photo by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

Gulf fritillary butterfly photo by Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

These tree roots remind us of the design of our Hedgerow Collection of architectural hardware.

Tree roots at Huntington Library Botanical Gardens from Martin Pierce Hardware

To view the items in our Hedgerow collection or our entire selection of custom hardware, please visit our site at

2014 HD Expo---just seventy days away

We are continuing to countdown to the 2014 HD Expo and our trip to Las Vegas.  When we registered in January, May seemed a long way away.  But we now realize that we have just a bit over two months to pull our booth together!! This will be our third year in attendance and every year brings new relationships and contacts as well as the opportunity to reconnect with many of you who have attended and/or exhibited in the past.

As is our tradition, we are offering a fun giveaway to the first ten visitors to our booth #4659.  Each of those early visitors will receive one of our scarab beetle or dragonfly drawer pulls!

from Martin Pierce Hardware

These finely detailed pieces of drawer hardware will add beauty to any application you choose i.e. a desk drawer, a cabinet door, a small box or simply as an objet d'art to enjoy.

Be sure to come by and say hello and view our collection of custom architectural hardware as well as some surprises we have in store.

Green design trends for 2014

photo by Martin Pierce Hardware Architects, designers and builders all have a responsibility to their clients to create an environment that is healthy and safe, all the while preserving natural resources, air quality and the surrounding community.  The design community has done a good job of following the three "R's" of the "movement" --renew, reuse, recycle, as well as attempting to use local suppliers and reducing the use of toxic materials, all with an eye on preserving Mother Earth.

However, while the "green" movement is hardly new, it is a topic that is ever-changing and should be discussed on a regular basis as we have done in posts here and here.  Currently, global warming and changing weather patterns have many developers and designers trying to find ways to harness the'earth's natural resources in an efficient manner without depleting the diminishing supply.  On the horizon:

  • Automated systems that result in energy efficiency.  The future will see many "cloud based" systems for the ultimate in energy and cost savings.
  • Solar power will continue to gain popularity in both commercial and residential buildings.  Tax breaks, grants and other funding will make these systems more attainable for small builders and homeowners.
  • Zero net energy is the new buzz word.  Simply put, it means a building uses as much energy as it creates through on-site renewable resources.  While usually still dependent on the electrical grid, these buildings harvest solar and wind power and reduce usage of the electrical grid through highly efficient HVAC systems, for example.
  • We can dim the lights and design automobiles that use less gasoline but we cannot live without fresh water and those resources are certainly being affected by the changing weather patterns.  Engineers and scientists have their plates full as they try to come up with ways to reduce the damage to the atmosphere that has resulted in the change in weather, along with methods that eliminate waste and are more efficient.
  • LEED consideration will extend to the "greening" of existing buildings.  Owners will be charged with the removal of dangerous products but also required to disclose any dangerous chemicals and products on site, along with any green methods put into place to correct the problem(s).

A combination of carefully considered design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is safe for occupants and visitors in public buildings, considerate of special needs of those who might be physically challenged as well as an aging population and is sensitive to the need to conserve energy and preserve natural resources will result in buildings and rooms that will leave a positive mark on the community.

We do our best to recycle products, dispose of waste and conserve whenever possible.  To view our entire collection of architectural hardware and custom furniture, please visit our site at

Design inspiration from Mother Nature

Martin Pierce custom hardware Mother Nature has certainly given us all a lesson with this year's extraordinary weather throughout the world.  Unprecedented snowstorms and below freezing temperatures have hit the eastern portion of the United States while unseasonably warm weather has wreaked havoc with winter sports at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  But, along with unusual weather patterns, she also provides us with extraordinary inspiration for color combinations, sculpture and other forms of artwork and design.

Limited Edition Ascot Sideboard featuring our dragonfly drawer pull

We often talk about how nature inspires Martin's designs.  For example, our popular Hedgerow  furniture and architectural hardware collections were inspired by the trees and shrubs found in our native England.  Our Ascot series of custom furniture features beautiful patterns of leaves and vines using the ancient japanning technique of inlay.  We offer many custom hardware pieces inspired by insects and other living creatures and Martin is currently working on new paintings that include one of his favorite subjects, the beetle.

If you are searching for design inspiration for a project, it might be a simple as taking a walk in the park, a hike in your local mountains or just open your own back door to come up with the perfect jumping off point for your color, hardware and textile selections.

To view our entire collection of custom furniture and hardware, please visit our site at

How do you feel about free stuff?

When we say free, we mean absolutely free.  And while our hand-cast, custom hardware items hardly fall into the category of "stuff" we are offering a giveaway this May.  All you have to do is stop by our booth #4659 at the 2014 HD Expo and say hello.  The first ten visitors will receive one of the following: One of our medium sized scarab drawer pulls.  These creatures have an interesting and mystical history behind them that will add a touch of the exotic to your desk, closet or anywhere you decide to use this beautiful hardware.

Small scarab pull from Martin Pierce Hardware

For those who prefer a touch of springtime, our beautifully detailed dragonfly pull will add a piece of the garden to a writing desk or a hint of whimsy to the powder room.

from Martin Pierce Hardware

First come, first served and we look forward to visiting with all of you.

To view our entire collection of custom architectural hardware, visit our site at

Where to find us at the 2014 HD Expo

martin pierce hd expo 2014 We recently shared with you our excitement about attending the 2014 HD Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada.  We will setup residence in the exhibit hall and can be found in booth #4659.

Many of you have visited our booth at past events to view our custom hardware as well as see new products being debuted at the Expo.  This year will be no different as we will be debuting several new pieces.  We are particularly excited to share our new Morphic cylindrical door pull complete with LED lighting in the handle.  Not only will this make it easy to locate the door handle in a hotel, spa, nursing home or retirement facility for your hospitality clients, it is sure to cast a beautiful shadow due to the cutout pattern of the Morphic design.

So be sure and stop by our booth #4659 to introduce yourself, say hello and see what we have in store for 2014.

Countdown to HD Expo 2014

The countdown for what has become an annual trip for us, the HD Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, has begun and is on our calendar again this year.  We look forward to making this trek, seeing old friends, making new friends and, most importantly, sharing some new products with those of you who attend the expo. The 2014 HD Expo will be held on May 14-16 at the Mandalay Bay convention hall. Visiting this beautiful venue is a good enough reason to attend this conference. But, as in years past, the exhibit hall will be full of hundreds of companies sharing their newest products that they hope will make your job as hospitality designers and architects much easier.  Products range from architectural hardware and other FF&E products to items designed to fill the needs of an aging population to the latest innovations in countertop and flooring material and everything in between.

Once we are assigned a booth number we will share that information with you in the hopes that you will stop by and say hello and view our amazing selection of custom hardware that will enhance your current projects.  We plan on debuting a few new items as well like our Morphic handle enhanced with LED lighting.

Morphic door pull from Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

In the meantime, you can view our entire collection at our site

Come and see in person how your custom hardware items are made

martin pierce logo header We are so excited to open the doors of our small showroom in Los Angeles, California to designers and homeowners alike.  We recently released this invitation to hospitality, residential and contract designers who are searching for just the right FF&E items for their upcoming projects:


Martin Pierce trade only atelier of fine custom door handles can now be viewed by local design professionals in the Los Angeles area. As our showroom is small we ask that you call to make an appointment to see our work in person.

Martin Pierce Hardware is an ASID Industry partner and we design and manufacture our custom and semi-custom door hardware here in Los Angeles using the lost wax method.

The styles we offer range from contemporary to transitional to arts and crafts yet our work is original. We welcome designers to come and see our work in person at our modest showroom but ask that you call ahead tomake an appointment.


We look forward to sharing many of our unique hardware designs as well as the very interesting and environmentally friendly process of the ancient lost wax method.

To view our entire collection of architectural hardware and custom furniture, to make an appointment, or to download a catalog,  please visit us at