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It's a bug's life at Martin Pierce Hardware

A while back we shared with you our quest to find inspiration for new projects we were working on.  You can review that post here.  Since that time we have welcomed some new family members to our home.  The purpose was to study their habits, their form and their nests but, truth be told, Martin is enjoying his new friends. Martin Pierce Hardware

These are Hercules beetles that we have named Boris and Natasha as they joined our household when the Olympics were being hosted in Russia this winter.

Boris, the male is easy to recognize as he is the proud owner of a pair of horns of “Herculean” proportion, hence the name of the species.

Martin Pierce Hardware

Natasha is less flashy and a bit camera shy.  As there is no competition in the terrarium they have been forced to accept each other and occasionally we have witnessed something vaguely approaching amorous behavior.  Yes, we are definitely guilty as charged of imbuing these scarabs with human emotions.

What can we tell you about our 5 months with the couple?

  • They like banana and mango and, most recently have developed a taste for peaches.
  • They have very poor table manners.  Once they discover they like a particular fruit they quite literally immerse themselves in it and use their mouth parts, which look like hairy brushes, to suck up their food. They can remain immersed for hours.
  • They are generally nocturnal and when we look at them in the daytime we spend quite a lot of time turning over mulch to find them.
  • They need a very moist habitat so we spray water into the terrarium every couple of days.
  • When they emerge from the soil they are dark but become lighter with exposure to UV light.
  • Conversely, when they are sprayed with water they turn darker.
  • As a result of all of the above we have a fair number of fruit flies that require we clean out their soil quite often.
  • Last but not least, when you stroke Boris he hisses and Martin finds this “cute”.

You will recall that we gave away ten of our scarab beetle drawer pulls at the recent 2014 HD Expo.  Both Diana Kouzouian of Kouzouian's FCF. Inc., and Carlita Anderson of Josh Held Design walked away as the proud owner of their own beetle.

As a teaser I will let you know that Martin is currently working on a fantasy painting of beetles and I will share his progress as we go along.  So, how do you feel about these prehistoric creatures?

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Chinese New Year 2014---Year of the Horse

photo and cardboard sculpture courtesy of Ann Wood Handmade Another Chinese new year is upon us and 2014 is the year of the horse.  The official new year begins with the arrival of the new moon on January 31, 2014 amid celebrations that include street festivals and art fairs so check your local community to see what is being offered.

In Chinese astrology a horse year is believed to bring good luck and good fortune amid a wild ride of financial fluctuations throughout the world.  Whew!  In reality, that does not seem much different than every other year but I certainly hope the good luck and good fortune hits all of us in the interior design world.

As our products enjoy a worldwide presence we are hoping that the international "financial fluctuations" are all positive.  Here is a list of spots where our custom architectural hardware pieces are currently being enjoyed:

Candy and Candy, located in London, England, chose to have many of our cabinet pulls silver plated for one of their residential clients.  Also in England, the musical group "The Prodigy" selected our Bee passageway sets from our Netzuke collection for their studios.

HOC Architecture and Interiors out of Valencia, Spain chose several of our Willow and Hedgerow sets to decorate various suites in a spanish villa.

A residential client in Switzerland enjoys our sycamore leaf pulls in her home while artist Bruna Arpea from Milan, Italy chose various insect and animal pulls for her bathroom.  We are able to enjoy her artwork as well as we have many of her pieces proudly on display in the dining room of our home.

The W hotel in Singapore, through The Rockwell Group, chose our pieces to use in the entry and other public areas of the hotel.  And we are currently working with Anna Marie Chen of Deco Locks in Panama to set up a showroom and introduce our work to Central America.

Other projects scattered in various spots around the world are in the works and when we are able, we will be excited to share that information with you.

If you would like to view any of the products mentioned above or see our entire collection of bespoke hardware please visit our site at  And we hope that 2014, the year of the horse, brings good fortune and financial stability to all of us.

Mixing it up with different metals in interior decor

With the current popularity of brass metals in interior decor many designers and clients alike question the possibility of mixing metals throughout a space.  For example, can you incorporate oil rubbed bronze architectural door hardware with stainless steel lighting fixtures in one space?  Will shiny and matte finishes compliment each other?  Is it necessary for cabinet hardware to match? These beautiful rooms may offer an answer to these questions:

The brass pendants provide an unexpected but lovely glow in contrast to the high polished stainless appliances, door hardware, bar stools and faucet.
In this dressing room, a combination of rubbed bronze door pulls and light fixtures warm up the coolness of the nickel faucets and accessories.
At Martin Pierce we offer a wide range of custom products in various metals that make it easy for you to mix your metals to your heart's content.  From functional items like drawer pulls and towel holders to complete entry door kits to whimsical products like our woodpecker doorknocker,

custom woodpecker door knocker by Martin Pierce custom hardware

you will find just the right item in stainless steel and bronze.  Please contact us to discuss your client's bespoke hardware needs.

Custom bird motif architectural hardware from Martin Pierce

Do any of you remember the tongue in cheek Youtube video from a few years ago titled "Put a bird on it"?  It was in response to the trend at the time of putting bird motifs on everything from wallpaper, fabrics, pillows, home accessories and even personal items like jewelry and handbags.  Well, when it comes to design we cannot leave out hardware!

Throughout the years Martin has carved many different birds for custom orders.  We have spoken often about the bird designs we offer in our collection of architectural hardware and recently we shared the swallow pull that was inspired by the migrating birds of San Juan Capistrano.  But we also offer other bird designs as seen below.

This beautifully detailed woodpecker door knocker provides an elegant way for your guests to announce their presence.

custom woodpecker door knocker by Martin Pierce custom hardware

Bird motif hardware would be right at home in many different retail and hospitality establishments or perhaps your client's logo includes a bird.  We designed this stylized Hawaiian bird knob for a hospitality project in Hawaii.

Hawaiian bird knob from the Hawaiian custom hardware collection of Martin Pierce hardware

If you are looking for custom hardware designed in the form of your favorite feathered friend, or to view our entire collection of bespoke hardware please visit our site at

Take a walk on the wild side with our Iguana hardware

You don't have to travel to the Galapagos Islands to enjoy the exotic beauty of these strange creatures.  (keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder).  Their unique appearance can now be enjoyed when used as door hardware in many different types of projects including day spas, boutique hotels or personal retreats on the island; but mainlanders will also enjoy adding this exotic touch to their interiors.
The Hawaiian collection was originally created for Debbie Zylstra of Zylstra Interior Design on Kauai and includes other pieces like our  elegant orchid pulls or whimsical Laysan Finch pull.  While the iguana is not indigenous to the islands that make up Hawaii we do associate this reptile with the area even if it is in it’s ferile outlaw form.
Whenever possible we enjoy sharing with you the process of designing custom hardware.  Martin begins by drawing an amazingly detailed depiction of how he envisions the piece.  This drawing will act as our guide when it is time to carve the wax mold and ultimately cast the piece.  The drawing below is an indication of how Martin envisioned the double iguana door pull to look on closed double doors.

Representation of how iguana door pull will look on closed doors by Martin Pierce Hardware

Iguana door pull by Martin Pierce Hardware

The iguanas are shown here as an overlapping pair that work perfectly on sliding doors but they can also be used as back to back pieces.   Isn't it time y0u took a walk on the wild side?
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We have a winner in the name that hardware contest!

Ergo extended door handle--new name Ergo Epic Door Handle We have a winner!   After poring over all of the entries we have finally made a decision.  It was not an easy task as we received many descriptive and sometimes humorous ideas.  But, without further delay, the envelope please---

The Winner of the "name that hardware" contest is:

Amy Atwood.  Amy is the manager of one of our favorite showrooms at LaForce Decorative Hardware in Madison Wisconsin.

Amy's suggestion for our Ergo Extended Door Handle was to rename it the Ergo Epic Door Handle.  She offered such a lovely and poetic explanation for her choice:

   " Epic means "long poem about legendary heroes"  It certainly is long,and it's visually poetic with its very organic shape.

.       Epic is a synonym to "heroic" .       Epic sounds similar to heroic with the "ic" sound at the end .       Epic sounds good with Ergo..."Ergo Epic" .       The word "Epic" seems grander than heroic, so therefore it suited perfectly for the new longer pull.

For all of these reasons we agreed that "Ergo Epic" sounds so much more appealing than "Ergo Extended Door Handle".  We will be debuting this product at the HD Expo 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada in May so we hope to see many of you there.  And, once again, thanks to all of you for your interesting and creative suggestions and Congratulations Amy!  Your mushroom drawer pulls are on their way.

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Spring has sprung a bit early at Martin Pierce Hardware

Twin baby lambs photo courtesy of Tablas Creek Vineyard While much of the country is blanketed with the white stuff or receiving a great deal of rain, southern California is in the middle of an early spring.  It is expected to reach 80 degrees today!  But no need to hop a plane just yet....this time next week we will be back down to around 60 degrees.  While it may seem extraordinary, this really is a "normal" spring for us, plenty of sunshine one day and rain clouds the next.

However, our inventory is always full of springtime.  Plenty of flowers, birds and bees to add a spot of sunshine to your doorways, furniture pieces or cabinetry.  Why not take a moment and look at our Flora, Netzuke and Animal collections and see if there isn't some way you can add a touch of springtime to your home or delight your clients with a touch of springtime all year long.

martin pierce wasp open wings

Daisy drawer pull

bunny knob

You can view our entire collection or contact us for bespoke orders at

HD Expo 2013 and update on custom hardware naming contest

As we have mentioned, we are preparing for our third annual trip to the Hospitality Design Expo (HD Expo) in hot and sunny Las Vegas.  We will be exhibiting our custom hardware  products and are excited to be debuting several new pieces that we believe will meet the needs of many of you in the hospitality and design field. This exposition is always a fun event as well as an opportunity to reconnect with old friends in the industry and hopefully meet new faces along the way.  One of the pieces that will be making its debut is our new Ergo Extended Door handle seen below.

Ergo extended door handle--custom hardware  looking for a new name

The curvy and sensuous shape is not only beautiful but functional as well.  The smooth curves make it easy to grasp, a major plus for those interested in meeting the needs of an older or physically challenged clientele.  We are hoping to rename this piece with a more descriptive moniker provided by visitors to our blog and/or facebook fans.  If you have a good recommendation for a  new name to replace "extended door handle" we would love to hear it.  Just remember, "Ergo" needs to be in the new name.  You could be the winner of two of our beautiful mushroom drawer pulls to use in your home or business.

And if you are attending the HD Expo, please be sure to stop by our booth.  There will be plenty of eye-candy and maybe a surprise or two.  As always, you can view our entire collection or contact us for bespoke orders at

Chinese New Year: 2013 The Year of the Snake

snake year of graphic from shutterfly With the arrival of the new moon in February (roughly February 10th), the year of the Snake begins.  The snake is the sixth figure in the Chinese Zodiac  Calendar.

While not as vibrant and significant as the Dragon, the snake is believed to be materialistic.  Depending on how you interpret this, it can mean it is time to shop, shop, shop; good news for retailers and designers!  However, others are saying the snake signals a time for rebuilding and conservation with many economic, climate and political changes ahead.  Wow!

All that being said, the figure of a snake can elicit different reactions from people as most reptiles and insects do.  While we do not have a snake design here at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware we do offer a wide selection of bespoke hardware pieces in both the reptile and insect category for those looking to introduce these very interesting species to their home or business decor.  Here are just a few of the items we offer.  Do you see anything that would interest your hospitality or residential clients?  If not, please contact us and we can come up with a custom design that is just right.

Gecko pull

Bee door knob

Lizard lever

Travel to Saudi Arabia with us in 2013

Ergo collection that appears on Universal Building Materials webpage Well, we aren't exactly traveling to Saudi Arabia but we are very excited to announce that Martin Pierce Hardware will be showcased by Universal Building Materials stores in Riyadh Saudi Arabia beginning in 2013.  They will be opening their first PORTA outlet and will feature many of our bespoke hardware pieces for their high end residential clients.  Universal  Building Materials is an established and respected supplier of building materials and has had a presence in the area for over thirty years and we are very pleased to be working with them.

This international exposure comes on the tails of our experience in Singapore with the W Hotel that we featured in this post.  We truly are becoming world travellers!

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The future looks bright for Martin Pierce Hardware

It is hard to believe that 2012 is coming to an end.  We have certainly had an exciting and fulfilling year here at Martin Pierce Hardware but are really looking forward to what's in store for 2013. Here is just a snippet of what we expect to experience in the next twelve months:

  • We will journey once again to Las Vegas in May of 2013 to exhibit at the HD Expo.  This will be our third year exhibiting and we look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends.
  • We will be debuting several new pieces some of which will be making their first appearance at the HD Expo.  All I can tell you is that it will be worth the wait for these new hardware designs.  Hospitality and residential designers will all be pleased!
  • Bespoke products are always fun and challenging and we have plans to create these wonderful pieces for some of our favorite designers and their clients.  Here's a teaser:

martin pierce iguana door pull for debbie zylstra client hawaii

Martin's drawing for a custom drawer pull in the shape of an iguana.  Magnificent!

That is just a bit of what we are looking for in 2013.  What design and business plans are in store for you?

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What's new at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware?

Things have been busy here at Martin Pierce Hardware.  Along with surviving the holidays we are hard at work on some new projects that we are excited to share with you.

  • Archiexpo takes us to Europe

    We are now actively introducing our work to design professionals in Europe and you can view some of our signature hardware pieces on This site is accessible  in English, French, Italian and German and it is by far one of the more user friendly sites that I have visited in a long time, making it easy for designers and architects to find the perfect pieces for each job.

  • Willow latch

We continue to work on retooling a version of our popular Willow latch that will accomodate the narrower back latches common in Europe.  More information on this project will be available later this month.

martin pierce willow entry set



So what's new with your business?

As we continue to expand our visibility throughout Europe and the Middle East you can get the latest news on what is happening at Martin Pierce by visiting us at



What's new at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware

New product inspiration comes from the darndest places!  We began working on this exquisite orchid pull for a project in Hawaii.  However, that project has taken a turn and we are now designing hardware with a more tribal folk Hawaiian design for them.  But we loved the look of this new orchid pull so much that we have decided to add it to our line.  May we introduce you to our new Orchid Pull (or at least the drawings for this pull)

As always, I think the drawings are as beautiful as the actual hardware! 

Martin has jsut begun carving the mold for this piece.  He has been experimenting with a high density foam similar to the foam used in set decoration as an alternative to wood or wax.  It has the advantage of being quick to carve and, unlike wood, has no grain.  This results in a very smooth pattern.  That being said, like many things it is not perfect as it does not always work well with pieces that have deeper detail; for these pieces we use a dense wood or blue jeweler's wax.  We will continue to experiment and keep you updated on how we like this product. 

For more information on this latest addition to our bespoke hardware collection or to view  our complete line of custom hardware and get the latest news on what is happening at Martin Pierce, please visit us at

Besides the weather, what's hot at Martin Pierce Custom Hardware?

It is no secret that is is HOT in Southern California!  Not the best weather to be firing new products.  Fortunately for us, we have several hot products that are being requested by you:

Our Grapevine collection is very popular right now.  Could it have anything to do with all the wine coolers people are drinking to stay cool? This grapevine entry set lets all who enter your home or business know that there is something special behind those doors.  Pulls and door levers are also available.

One of our favorites, and yours as well, is our Hedgerow collection.  This design was inspired by all the beautiful hedges and bushes that thrive in our Native England and may serve to remind people of all the cool and relaxing fields that can be found there.  The collection includes both hardware and unique bespoke furniture pieces such as this Hedgerow chair used in the guest suites of the Four Seasons Hotel, Jackson Hole Wyoming.

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